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November 19, 2008
The forum is back online. Please let us know if there are any problems with the new configuration.

November 18, 2008
The forum is undergoing maintenance while servers are being reconfigured-- please try back in a few days. We apologize for the inconvenience!

May 10, 2008
The forum is now upgraded to vBulletin 3.7.0 which should improve and add functionality to your discussions!

May 5, 2008
Our web hosting server underwent a software upgrade over the weekend. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

January 14, 2008
Due to Games Workshop's IP current policy, the Galaxy Map version 1.0 has been removed from the website as well as other images. Development of the Galaxy Map version 3.0 remains ongoing. Please be patient while work is completed!  At this time, no completion date has been set.

September 9, 2007
The Galaxy Map version 2.0 beta has been removed from the website since it has been rendered obsolete by the new version 3.0 Galaxy Map which is currently in development.  Dark Millennia hopes to release a trial version of the Galaxy Map 3.0 in the next several months...

August 22, 2007
Dark Millennia's move to the new server is complete!  Minor changes (like forum icons and images) still need to be made, but for the most part, things should be back to normal. Thanks for your patience while the move took place!

August 19, 2007
Dark Millennia changed hosting services to (hopefully) increase functionality. The site might experience some quirks while the server is configured. Known issues: the Forum is closed while the database is reloaded-- the move will upgrade the Forum to version 3.6.8.; the navigation links are not displaying properly; and the "Thought for the Day" is not displaying properly.  The cause of these issues is known, but it takes time to configure the server so that they work properly.  Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

August 15, 2007
The Dark Millennia "Contact Us" link has been revised to minimize spam. The Links page has been updated and other code maintenance tasks were completed behind the scenes.

May 19, 2004
The Dark Millennia Imperial Artisans' Guild painting service has been suspended due to lack of activity and interest.

April 12, 2004
The Dark Millennia Site Maintenance Fund is established to accept donations to help keep Dark Millennia online and updated.

August 27, 2003
The Baltimore Games Day 2003 Gallery has been added to the Gallery.

August 2, 2003
A preview of version 2.0 Beta of the Galaxy Map has been added.  Check it out here!

August 4, 2002
The Imperial "Thought" has been added to the Contents page, rendering random wisdom from the Holy Writings of the Imperium with each visit.

JULY 23, 2002
The Dark Millennia Forum is now up and open for posting! Members will need to re-apply due to the catastrophic loss of our database as a result of "the attack."

JULY 17, 2002
Dark Millennia is reborn after suffering a viscious attack by cyber-terrorism (read about it here)! During the lull created by the resulting downtime, we redesigned the site a bit, adding a side bar navigation panel and an expanded top and bottom navigation bar. Unfortunately, our forum database was completely destroyed, so members will need to re-apply for membership. We apologize for any inconvenience this tragedy has caused our loyal following, but we are confident that Dark Millennia will rise from the ashes and will be better than it was before the attack! We remain committed to bringing you the unique 40K web experience that is Dark Millennia! Enjoy!

JULY 2, 2002
The Dark Millennia Mailing List has been suspended due to non-compliance by theWarp.net. (they haven't activated the Dark Millennia account despite several requests that have so far gone unanswered).

JULY 1, 2002
The USA Games Day 2002 Gallery was added to the Gallery page. Check it out!

JUNE 16, 2002
The Dark Millennia Mailing List (courtesy of theWarp.net) was added to the Contents page. Subscribe to get the latest news from Dark Millennia!

NOVEMBER 4, 2001
The Galaxy Map has been upgraded to show the location of the T'au Empire in the eastern reaches of the Ultima Segmentum.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2001
The Forum has been successsfully upgraded to version 2.0.3! Avatars and attachments now work, so enjoy the new functionality! Let's see some clever avatars, folks!

AUGUST 31, 2001
Dark Millennia gets yet another new look!  Click here to see the last version of Dark Millennia.

AUGUST 29, 2001
Updated the history of the Blood Angels' homeworld, Baal, on the Galaxy Map Index... Oh yeah, the Discussion Forum is STILL being worked on to accept avatars and other attachments.

AUGUST 24, 2001
Added Battlefleet Gothic, Inquisitor, and Necromunda catagories to the Gallery page.  The Discussion Forum is still being worked on to accept avatars and other attachments.

JULY 22, 2001
The Discussion Forum was re-upgraded to vBulletin version 2.0!  As you may recall, this version adds a lot more functionality to your discussion options including avatars, polls, and an events calendar.  Some minor bugs (you can't upload custom avatars at this time) are still being ironed out...

JULY 16, 2001
The Galaxy Map has gone interactive!  Now you can click on a map feature to find out more about a planet system or other feature represented on the map!  This takes the Galaxy Map to a whole new level, so check it out!  Also added a link to Sabertooth Games' website (makers of the upcoming WH40K Collectible Card Game) on the Links page.

JULY 13, 2001
The Galaxy Map was updated and revised to reflect the planet systems involved in the three major Tyranid invasions of Hive Fleets Behemoth, Kraken, and Leviathan as presented in the Codex: Tyranids.

JULY 5, 2001
Dark Millennia gets another new look!  Click here to see the last version of Dark Millennia.

JULY 1, 2001
Dark Millennia added a new WH40K Army History section on the Articles page!  Click here to read histories of our members' armies!

JUNE 26, 2001
Dark Millennia won its first award: the prestigious "Plague Fleet Horror of Battle Award" for excellence in a 40K site!  Click here to view the award certificate!

JUNE 25, 2001
The Imperial Artisans'Guild is launched!  Buy pre-painted miniatures or have a whole army custom painted!  Click here to see Dark Millennia's newest feature!

JUNE 20, 2001
The Discussion Forum is experiencing, um, er, "technical difficulties"...The matter is being looked into.  Meanwhile, we've reinstalled the old forum so that you can continue to post.

JUNE 19, 2001
The Discussion Forum was upgraded to vBulletin version 2.0!  This version adds a lot more functionality to your discussion options including avatars, polls, and an events calendar.

JUNE 14, 2001
Advanced Epic 40K, a revised WH40K-based Epic 40K system has been posted on the Articles, Downloads, and House Rules page in the Downloads section.

JUNE 5, 2001
Piscina IV was added to the Galaxy Map (Segmentum Obscurus) and Ryza's symbol was corrected to an Adeptus Mechanicus Forge World (Segmentum Solar).  Thanks goes to JRKepler from theWarp.net for pointing out the correct designation for Ryza!

MAY 26, 2001
Dark Millennia gets a new look!  Click here to see the old Dark Millennia.

MAY 24, 2001
Dark Millennia joins TheWarp.net's Warhammer 40K Top 100 list.  Vote for Dark Millennia by clicking on TheWarp.net 40K Top 100 icon found throughout Dark Millennia!

MAY 5, 2001
A "Curator's Choice Short Stories" section was added to the Articles page. This is a collection of stories written by Dark Millennia members, submitted either on the Forum or directly to Dark Millennia, that were selected by the Dark Millennia staff for publication.  Read them by clicking here!

APRIL 27, 2001
The Gallery was added to the Dark Millennia website! Anyone wanting to submit photos or images to the Gallery should contact Dark Millennia using the "Contact Us" link below.  Review Dark Millennia's Content Submission Policy.

APRIL 24, 2001
Mega 40K, a comprehensive Warhammer 40K campaign system, was added to the Articles page. Check it out to link all your favorite 40K games!

APRIL 23, 2001
The Galaxy Map and Legend were updated to show the major systems involved in the Tyranid Hive Fleet Behemoth and Hive Fleet Kraken invasions on the Eastern Fringe as well as the Ork invasion of Ryza in the Segmentum Solar.  Also, a link to the Galaxy Map Legend was added to the Quadrant Map pages

APRIL 21, 2001
A legend was added to the Galaxy Map. Click on "View the entire Galaxy Map" on the Galaxy Map page and consult the legend for a description of the symbols used in the map.

APRIL 12, 2001
Dark Millennia launches!  Visit Dark Millennia often to find out what's happening in the Warhammer 40K galaxy of games!

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